„There is a place beyond right or wrong - that's where we meet“
„Es gibt einen Ort jenseits von richtig oder falsch – da treffen wir uns.“

Individual and
Team Coaching

My coaching offer suits you if you are looking for support in dealing with crisis situations, resolving conflicts, expanding communication and relationship competence, expanding your leadership repertoire, or reorienting in a professional or private context.

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TA Training

As a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst under supervision, PTSTA-C, I train Transaction Analysis in counselling. These include 101 introductory courses, ongoing groups at Practitioner level, and the master group to prepare for the exam at the Certified Transactional Analyst, CTA. I also offer TA supervision in groups and individual lessons.

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TA Plus

In addition to the part-time TA consultant training, I offer open TA training days, TA Flow, intercultural supervision groups, Europe x Japan and focus groups, such as the TA Parent Training, which is expected to start in the autumn of 2021.

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Love Matters

With the Retreats in beautiful and special places, I offer intensive self experienced workshops, usually together with colleagues. It's a time out of everyday life with the aim of understanding individual aspects of being in depth and, if necessary, making new decisions for a more holistic life in this aspect.

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What clients say


"The best teachers see who we could become and help us believe we can get there."

TA Training
HR Developer

"Thank you for the open discussions and your commitment, which is done with an incredible amount of heart. And achieves a lot!" 

Team Coaching
Workshop Participant

"Thank you for everything. I have rarely crossed paths with such a pleasant and competent person. I hope our paths will cross again soon."

Team Coaching

"Yesterday in the lesson it became very clear to me again how motivating and supportive it is to express my thoughts and feelings and to develop new approaches. Thank you! Can I please come every day?"

Individual Coaching

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Dates & Workshops

Within the past months I gathered quite some experience in doing counselling and training online. I find it astonishing how much is possible in the virtual space, it became a welcome alternative. However, to do workshops and trainings live stays my first choice, because it is not possible to substitute the experience of a physical presence. The venues shown in my Dates section may be adjusted according to the current regulations.


TA 101 - Online

05. - 07. Februar

TA Flow - Online

13. Februar


TA Classroom - HH

19.- 20. März

Europe x Japan - Online

27. März

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